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Threading is a hair removal technique that has been practiced for centuries. Facial hair is removed swiftly yet meticulously from the most delicate areas of the face by knotting off thread and creating a trap that forces out hair by the root.

Benefits of Threading:

Threading is a recommended procedure for facial hair removal. It is less painful and more precise. It is 100% natural, no chemicals or other harmful substances are used on your face.

If you stick with threading your skin will stay wrinkle free and healthier longer.

  •  Eyebrows                        $5.00 

  • Lips                                  $5.00 

  • Chin                                 $5.00 & up 

  • Forehead                         $5.00 & up 

  • Full Face                         $25.00 & up

Hair Removal - Waxing and Threading for all face and body areas


Salon and Spa


Waxing is the most effective method to remove the unwanted hairs from virtually any part of the body. Wax is the removal process that provides the complete elimination of hair shafts from below the surface of the skin, at Chandni Salon and Spa we take great care of your skin.

  • Full Arms                        $25.00
  •  Half Arms                      $15.00 
  • Hand                              $10.00 
  • Full Legs                        $35.00 
  • Half Legs                       $20.00

  • Under Arms                   $10.00 

  • Bikini                              $15.00 & up 
  • Brazilian                         $50.00